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tangible T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 available (FREE + PRO)

As Somasegar pointed out VS 2010 Beta 1 ships now
and we are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of
tangible T4 Editor 1.5 for Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 – which was released today – so same day as VS 2010 Beta 1 did release – yes!

You can install from the Visual Studio Extension Manager

Alternatively: If you want it the old way, then you can download via download button from here. Then double click the VSIX file when VS2010 is closed. Note: .VSIX is a replacement for .msi for new VS2010 Addins.

For more info about the features of the T4 Editor see this page. Note, that only the T4 editor is included - not the modeling tools.

In VS2010 Beta 1 Microsoft uses T4 now also in Entity Framework 4.0 and in the new Modeling Support of the Architecture Edition. Note VS2010 Beta1 now brings it’s own T4 item templates – so we did not put ours inside for now.

As usual you can find a sample T4 template for generating from the new VS2010 Use Case Diagrams in the build-in template gallery (VS 2010 Beta1 Section). Here are some cool screenshots and examples…

1. VS 2010 Beta 1 includes a ADO.NET EntityObject Generator


2. VS 2010 Beta 1 includes Modeling Diagrams which work with T4


3. Certainly also our template gallery works from within VS2010



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