Buy tangible T4 Editor plus modeling tools V 2.5.0 PRO Edition online

The PRO EDITION adds premium features such as

- Unlimited T4 IntelliSense for all assemblies and namespaces. FREE EDITION only supports system.dll, system.core.dll, mscorlib.dll, system.windows.forms.dll

- Template debugger and output preview – supports debugging templates that use VS Automaton and Debugging Parameter Templates
- Generating from Diagrams, Exporting UML-style Diagrams as Bitmaps, Auto-Layout Diagram and access to Object Models for UML-style Diagrams, 

- Custom Values of Extensible UML/DSL Diagrams (Stereotype Concept) can be read from code generator

- Transform on Build Feature

- Generate on dependent file change / Add Code Generation Item

- Prettify output document

- Goto Definition Command

See a list of all pro-features here.

Pricing & Licensing

PRO EDITION Version 2.x  license cost is 99.00 € excl. VAT - electronic delivery.
A new license includes 12 months of updates and support. Thee are also options for support renewal and upgrades in the webshop,

Your license will work with VS 2010, VS 2012, VS 2013, VS2015, VS2017 and VS 2019        
For upgrades from 1.x version please read the section updated in this blog entry.