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tangible T4 Editor V2.1 for VS2010 & VS 2012 RTM available

We are glad to announce the availability of tangible T4 Editor 2.1 plus modeling tools for both VS2010 and VS2012 RTM. As usual you will find the updates on the visual studio gallery (VS2010 & VS2012).


Since Version 2.0 we added many useful features and worked on performance as well as support for VS2012 RTM. Lets look at the new features in more detail:


What is new?


Free Edition users will benefit from the following enhancements in Version 2.1:

- Support for VS 2012 RTM – tangible T4 Editor is the first available T4 Editor for a new Version of Visual Studio
- Full LINQ Query support in Statement Completion
- ASP.NET MVC Host support in IntelliSense
- Parameter Directive support in IntelliSense - template parameters are now available on this.
- Smart Indenting now assists you when writing templates
- Enhanced Brace-Matching – better visibility & also enabled for output code
- Current Word Highlighting is now available in T4 Editor.
- Option to show Line-Numbers
- More fine grained control of behavior via better Options Dialog & tangible T4 Menu
- Extensible Diagrams via Stereotypes – you can define custom properties e.g. IsRequired
- Custom Directive Processor support – if you use custom processor directive e.g. for a Microsoft UML Diagrams, Our Diagrams or from T4 Toolbox or you write your known you will notice that our IntelliSense now picks up Imports, Assembly-Reference and custom members provided by your directive processor automatically.

Pro Edition users will also enjoy these improvements:

- Improved Quick-Debugger now supports templates that use Visual Studio Automation (EnvDTE)
- Support for debugging parameter templates – parameters can be set in the properties window
- Add Code Generation Item Command - adds a T4 template for a defined input document and retransforms the template when the input document changes
- Format Output Document - applies a SmartFormat Command the generated output document
- Goto-Definition Command
- Code Generation for custom properties defined in Diagrams stereotypes via API from within a T4 Template. Access the value via the GetExtensiblePropertyValue Method on a ModelElement.

Bugs fixed:

- $(SolutionDir) was not working when used in an assembly directive

- Debug did not work if path to solution had a space

- Assembly Cache bug if dependend dll was not found

- Disables invalid T4 Intellisense in watch window (VS2012 RC/RTM only)

- Fixed issue when changing output language to VB


Thanks for all your valuable feedback on the 2.0 which made 2.1 possible


Tim, CEO Tangible Engineering GmbH

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