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tangible T4 Editor V1.6 for VS2008 and Visual Studio 2010 RC available!


A nice “Hello back” from the development team. We have been quite busy the last weeks to do side-by-side versions of tangible T4 Editor for VS 2010 and  VS2008. Today we will ship V1.6 for VS2008.

What are the new features? Any fixes?

1. We do support T4MVC now!
We did fix a compatibility issues with the well known and loved T4MVC project. The Editor now works nicely with it.

2. We do support Code Libraries in T4 (Referenced Assemblies)

Many people have been using T4 plus C# DLL together to do code generation. When you import a C# DLL from T4 the DLL gets locked however when the T4 executed. To unlock it you must simply close the solution and reopen it. We do not lock the assembly anymore but VS still needs this little open/close play with your solution to unlock. We also now find the DLLs that are in your Output Dir (means referenced from your project that contains the T4).

      >>Remember: To Unlock DLLs locked by VS IDE
                             used in a T4 template just
                        close and reopen  the solution. <<<

Note we did redesign the whole assembly resolution and loading to make this happen.

3. Enhanced IntelliSense for C# 3.5 constructs

4. We do support the .t4 file ending better

We had a couple of issues with the .t4 ending they have all been resolved. Thanks for reporting!

5. We did a fix for users who wanted to generate “.js” code.
This scenario crashed often before. Thanks for reporting!

6. A couple of minor enhancements and fixes to quality and speed.

You can get the band new bits here:

http://t4-editor.tangible-engineering.com/ (VS2008 and VS2010)

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