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tangible T4 Editor (Alpha) in VS2010 Beta 2 shows up


Speedy development – awesome design. With no code changes between Beta1 and Beta 2 the tangible T4 Editor in its current alpha bits form brings light to “.tt” files in Beta 2 right from the start.

Download and install instructions(Click here)

Go get it from the extension manager to start customizing code generation and wizards in VS2010 Beta 2 – Code Gen from the new cool Team System UML Diagrams, Entity Framework 2.0 and more…

In Visual Studio just go to Tools->Extension Manager and search for tools online. If you are an admin do not forget to click on the “Allow loading user extensions button".

Update: Here is a list of useful How-TOs from Tim Fischer

How To: Migrate T4 Text Templates from VS2008 to VS2010 Beta 2

How-To: Generate Code from Team System UML Diagrams in VS 2010 Team System Beta 2

How-To: Transform Team System UML Class Diagrams into Database Diagrams and actual ORM-Classes with T4

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